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nothing nothing nothing

So... this week has been my one and only week of summer vacation, and I have done NOTHING to celebrate. :( 
I start school again on Monday.  My spring semester is BRUTAL.  but I'm hoping that it will turn out to be well worth it in the end.  I'm just glad that I only have to take biology for 6 weeks, as opposed to 16. :D
Right now I feel really dizzy and weird.  It's only 10pm but I am leaning towards going to bed pretty soon.
Tomorrow we're going to The Corner Bar for Kaitlyn's birthday (her birthday isn't actually until Monday, but yeah...)
MY birthday is a month from today!  Yay!
I really don't have anything exciting to say. 
This is going to be a very busy summer.  Kaitlyn, Allie and Jacob are all graduating.  Mike and Michelle are having a baby.  Grandma and Grandpa Willison are having their 60th wedding anniversary.  Grandma Civis is turning 70.  Most of these things are resulting in huge parties.
Crap.  I just realized that that means that my mom's mom was only 10 years old when my dad's parents got married.  I don't know why that is weird, but it is.
OH!  And superame7 will be home in TWO WEEKS! 
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