*The Llama Queen [krysta works, too...] (thellamaqueen) wrote,
*The Llama Queen [krysta works, too...]

...my Grandpa (grandpa Civis) is in the hospital right now with liver problems...
From what I understand, they're thinking it might be cancer.
We were with him this past weekend for Kaitlyn's graduation and for Grandma's birthday party, and he was feeling woozy and having trouble standing up... my dad claims he noticed Grandpa's skin looking a little bit yellow, which is definitely a sign of liver failure.
This is really scary. :(  I have a feeling I'm going to lose a few people this year... we already lost Grandma Beedon, and Grandpa Civis isn't in spectacular health to begin with, so liver failure could do a lot of damage... and Uncle Dave isn't healthy enough to make the 3 hour trip up here in June for Kaitlyn's open house... he's never been a healthy guy by any means, but he's also never been so unhealthy that he couldn't make the trip up here.  I'm not feeling very optimistic about any of this.

If you're the type to do such things, I'd appreciate some prayers on my grandpa's behalf.  I love him a lot... his death would hit the hardest for me out of any of my grandparents.

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